lördag 9 december 2017

Lucka 9. Ronaldo vs Messi

Jämförelsen är oändligt olöslig. Men ta dessa råd i beaktande:


1. Messi's weak leg is not as good as Ronaldo's weak leg.

2. Ronaldo can not dribble past 4-6 players like Messi does.

3. Messi can't score from headers like Ronaldo does.

4. Ronaldo can't create and be a playmaker as good as Messi.

5. Messi has been good with free kicks,but Ronaldo is better at them.

6. Messi does not show off like Ronaldo with those step overs and all,he is simple.

7. Balloon d'or is always affected by the trophies won by the player,trophies matter.(in each and every cases)

8. No need to call Ronaldo-penaldo. (Messi has taken 101 penalties to Ronaldo's 123,Messi has 13.10% goals from penalty spot compared to Ronaldo's 15.73%)

9. If Ronaldo has advantage of height and strength in headers and power of shots,Messi has advantage of lower central gravity because of small build,in balance,resulting in easier,faster and subtle acceleration and deceleration.(to those who do not know,even Usain Bolt has said that Messi would beat him in a race of 30 Metres-jokingly or seriously,i do not know).Just ask yourself,if you'd have to dribble past 4-5 players in very short pitch,whose body would you prefer?Still you can't imagine properly,try it on a very big scale for just comparision purpose,who would go through tight gaps,a smaller dog or a bigger dog.

10. One had more natural talent,does not mean he does not work hard,one works harder than the most,does not mean he does not have talent.

11. Ronaldo has won everything with both Manchester United and Real Madrid,because he played for both,does not mean Messi is only good with Barca,if he would have played at another club,he would have won there,too.

12. Today,Real Madrid has arguably the best midfield in the world,it does not mean you can take credit from forwards,in past,Barca had also arguably the best midfield in the world(talking about the Xavi and Iniesta era).

13. The most underrated aspect of Ronaldo's game is his off the ball movement.Fanboys only see somethings and miss other aspects of football…such as-a thing called OFF THE BALL movement.Yes,you stupid fanboys,in order to score those “tap ins”,it is necessary to have the sense,instinct to make a movement or run. Ronaldo is currently the best player when it comes to off the ball movement.

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