lördag 22 juni 2019

Falcao med en rolig historia!

Radamel Falcao talking about playing against Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez is the best thing you will read today.  😂🤣👏
"I couldn’t concentrate as Giménez was driving me crazy. He asked me questions. First, he asked me what car I had. When I was explaining it, he had already gone and was waiting to meet a cross.
"That was only the start. Then he asked me why the flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have the same colors.
"Next he came over to me and told me it was his debut, that he was very happy and that he would get a tattoo of the date of his match, asking me if September was spelled with or without a ‘p’. I ended up missing the chance to jump for a cross. He drove me crazy."

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