torsdag 14 april 2022

Klopp omtyckt av Salah

Mohammed Salah : 

"under Klopp any Footballer can Succeed. First time i met him He gave me a best hug that even my family has never gave me. I went home with butterflies like I had found a new lover. He won my heart, i was not world class but that hug awaken a beast inside me. I gave my all, i broke the premier league scoring record in my first season because of him. And the Liverpool fans started to chant my name, then I realized no professional Footballer that can not achieve bigger things as long you working under a loving manager. Some managers used to be hard and harsh that makes a Footballer to doubt his capabilities and abilities. He told me you are not a professional Footballer by mistake and I didn't buy you from Roma by fluke, I saw someone who can win me Uefa Champions League and the Premier league. All due respect to my previous managers but Klopp is the best i could ever met "

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