onsdag 12 juli 2017

Träna enligt din kroppstyp

The skinny man

The workout: Gain muscle
“Compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and clean and jerks use multiple muscle groups and stimulate an increase in testosterone,” explains Halabi. “This will help build muscle.”

Nutrition: Bulk up
“Consume 500 calories more per day,” says sports nutritionist Gavin Allinson. “Try a protein and carb shake, followed by chicken and rice with peanut sauce.”

Advice: Get on the scales
“Weigh yourself once a week on the exact same scales,” advises Ricky Hatton’s former nutritionist Kerry Kayes. “The gains will be much more noticeable and help to boost morale.”

Style: Get fitted
“Buy yourself a slim-fit suit and use different colours,” says fashion and lifestyle stylist Jerry Khan. “Charcoal and a lighter shirt will work well.”

The big lad

It’s OK, we understand. You’re just ‘big boned’. “Endomorphs have a slow metabolism and therefore a tendency to store body fat,” says Halabi. “They can put on weight very easily.”

The workout: Lose the spare tyre
“Try two minutes running at 75 per cent of top speed,” says Halabi. “Rest for two minutes, repeat five times. By doing high intensity interval training, you’ll be burning calories long after you finish.”

Nutrition: Get lean
“Cut back on carbs like rice, potatoes or pasta,” explains Allinson. “A spinach and mushroom omelette, or salmon and stir fried veg, are good options.”

Advice: Be realistic
“Don’t set any big weight-loss goals which seem so far out of reach,” says Kayes. “Set small, achievable weekly targets of one or two pounds to help you stay motivated.”

Style: Dress to your strengths
“If you’re not tall, avoid wide trousers or slim-fit clothing,” Khan says. “A single-breasted jacket will flatter your shape.”

The beefcake

Do you bend over to tie your shoelaces and sprout a six-pack? Halabi says: “Some people are blessed with muscle mass and low body fat. They process food well and respond quickly to weight training.”

The workout: Maximise your gains
Halabi says: “Kettlebell exercises and Olympic lifts [the snatch, and the clean and jerk] will maximise a gifted athlete’s potential by improving power, strength and speed.”

Nutrition: Boost recovery
“Training burdens the immune system,” says Allinson. “Eat lots of fruit and veg. Red cabbage, beetroot, carrots and squash will all aid your recovery.”

Advice: Challenge yourself
“Organise a holiday or photo shoot and give yourself 12 weeks to get in perfect shape,” recommends Kayes. “That way you’ll stay focused and won’t take your body for granted.”

Style: Flaunt it
“You can get away with pretty much anything,” adds Khan. “Try a skinny or tailored fit suit to emphasise your fine physique.”

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